Ronald Bilius Weasley

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Can you name the Ronald Bilius Weasley?

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R - Person who plays Ron?
O - Organisation he is a member of
N - Fought with at the Battle over Little Whinging
A - Ron's Father
L - Ron's first girlfriend
D - What Dumbledore leaves Ron in his will
B - Ron's eldest brother
I - Nickname given to him by Fred and George
L - Strange and rather 'Looney' friend
I - The curse that caused a spider to be thrown at Ron's face (GoF)
U - 'Can I have a look at ______, too, Lavender?
S - '______, daisies, butter mellow, Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.'
W - Nickname given by Malfoy
E - Member of the Society for the Promotion of ______ Welfare (S.P.E.W
A - Boggart
S - Person who gave Ron Pigwidgeon
L - Last name of good friend Neville
E - Fellow prefect at the same time as Ron
Y - Distant relative and death eater

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