Word Ladder: Through the Middle East

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Can you name the four letter words in the generally Middle Eastern themed word-ladder?

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Hint4-letter word
٭٭Only Ibadi Muslim nation٭٭
٭'Lawrence of Arabia' actor٭
٭Ancient name of Tell-Meskene, Syria٭
٭Title of the Kuwaiti monarch٭
٭An Ottoman official٭
٭Famous Iranian prison٭
Opposite of odd
At any time, in any way, by chance
Across or beyond
Thermal cooking chamber
Zoolander's Hansel
Future-telling phenomenon
World War 1 spy for Britain
٭Second largest Algerian city٭
Hint4-letter word
Thai province surrounded by Laos
Son of Abraham, without the 'c'
٭Last daily Muslim prayer٭
US federal health and safety agency
Hindi for hope, wish, and desire
Largest continent
'Lioness' in Hebrew/'air' in Italian
First 4-letters of US Grand Canyon state
Tom from 'Parks and Recreation'
Capital of Onderon
Zen Buddhism research institute
'The Clocks of ____'
٭٭Modern day Mesopotamia٭٭

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