Divisions of the Nervous System

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Can you name the Divisions of the Nervous System?

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Visual, Auditory, Movement, MotivationBrain Stem
Sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought and languageForebrain: Telencephalon
Important for MovementForebrain: Telencephalon
Relays info from the cerebellum to the rest of the brain Hindbrain: Metencephalon
Gateway to the brain that organizes all sensory functionsForebrain: Diencephalon
Coordinates heart rate, circulation, and respirations; an extension of the spinal cord into the skullHindbrain: Myelencephalon
Controls fine motor skills and balanceHindbrain: Metencephalon
Responsible for emotions and drivesForebrain: Telencephalon
Governs autonomic nervous systemForebrain: Diencephalon

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