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Boris, 006, Natalya
Crazy 88's
Liam, Human-Traffiking
Yippie Kay-Yay Motha.........
Optimus and Megatron
Mexico, Guns, Guitar
Bending Bullet, Secret Society
'Who you gonna Call?!'
Red Pill or Blue Pill
Master Control, Flynn
The Colosseum, Maximus
John Spartan
Alfred, 'Why So Serious?'
J.J Abrams, Big Monster
Stark, Hero
'Business is a Boomin''
'We dine in hell!' Xerxes
Hector, Achilles, Hellen
Stealing Cars, Jolie
Vassili Zaitsev
Van Damme, 'I break your friend'
Hollywood, Slider, Viper...
The Dead Rabbits
Ewoks, Endor, Finale
'You're gonna need a bigger boat.'
Capt Jack Sparrow
Clive Owens, the Unibomber
Pvt. Caparzo, Medic Wade - KIA
Frank Miller, Nancy
Tony Jaa
Dr. Alan Grant, John Hammond
Smith, Aliens, Mothership
Nicolas Travolta, John Cage
Jake Sully, The Skypeople
'why'd it have to be snakes?'
Rorschach, Night Owl, 1985
Peter Parker
Asteroid, Bruce Willis
Inaccurate History, William Wallace
'Pop quiz, hot shot.'Wildcats

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