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Can you name the WWE Wrestlers' Secondary Finishing Moves (other than the one given)?

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Wrestler/Primary FinisherSecondary Finishing Move
Booker T (Axe Kick)
Sheamus (Brogue Kick)
Rey Mysterio (619/West Coast Pop combo)
The Miz (Skull-Crushing Finale)
Edge (Spear)
CM Punk (Go To Sleep)
John Cena (Attitude Adjustment)
The Big Show (Chokeslam)
Wrestler/Primary FinisherSecondary Finishing Move
Randy Orton (RKO)
The Undertaker (Tombstone)
The Rock (Rock Bottom)
Chris Jericho (Codebreaker)
Kurt Angle (Ankle Lock)
Jack Swagger (Ankle Lock)
Kane (Chokeslam From Hell)

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