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Can you name the Highest and Lowest-Rated Movies for These Actors According to Rotten Tomatoes?

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John Travolta (best)94% (1994)
John Travolta (worst)0% (1993)
Russell Crowe (best)99% (1997)
Russell Crowe (worst)24% (2006)
Al Pacino (best)100% (1972)
Al Pacino (worst)5% (2008)
Jim Carrey (best)95% (1998)
Jim Carrey (worst)8% (2007)
Eddie Murphy (best)94% (1982)
Eddie Murphy (worst)6% (2002)
Jessica Alba (best)77% (2005)
Jessica Alba (worst)5% (2007)
Sandra Bullock (best)90% (1994)
Sandra Bullock (worst)2% (1997)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (best)100% (1984)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (worst)11% (1997)
Ben Affleck (best)98% (1993)
Ben Affleck (worst)6% (2003)
Robin Williams (best)97% (1997)
Robin Williams (worst)5% (2009)

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