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Half-Brother Archenemy. God of Evil.
Witch in love with Thor.
Warrior in love with the above.
Can change into a brutish monster like his literary hero.
Slithers his way out of trouble, often partners with the above answer.
Chinese scientist who can control radiation.
Master of the future (not Kang).
King of the Frost Giants.
Fire demon from Muspellheim.
Armor created by Odin, often taken control of by evil.
Group of earthly villains wielding magic weapons.
Can take the properties of whatever he touches. Often fights the Hulk as well.
Can turn whatever he touches into stone.
A dark elf of Svartalfheim, once wielded the Casket of Ancient Winters.
Giant monster who is destined to take Thor with him during Ragnarok.
A dark elf who was enhanced by the Beyonder.
Quite possibly the biggest entity on this list.
Queen of the Norns.
Daughter of Loki and Goddess of the Dead.
One of the rock trolls of Nornheim.

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