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Who is also known as: Horseface, Lumpyface, lumpyhead, Arry, Cat, and Nan?
Who blamed a singer for his lady wife's murder?
Offers a lordship to anyone who brings her her little brother's head:
Known to the young queen as Ser Grandfather:
Maester sworn to serve the Lord of Winterfell:
Alayne Stone's real name:
998th Commander of The Night's Watch:
Known beyond The Wall as The Lord of Bones, the Brothers of the Night's Watch mockingly call him:
Will never walk again, but is promised by the Corpse King he will fly:
Who tells Dani her husband will return when 'When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves.'?
Elected King and singer of the Free Folk:
Is rumored to '**** gold':
Who is 'The King in the North'?
Often said to be Stannis's real Queen, is a champion of The Lord of Light
A princess with grayscale:
Khal Rhaggat (The Cart King) The Beggar King:
Whose finger-bones hang in a bag around his neck for luck?
This face-changer tells Arya, 'Valar morghulis':
Who repeatedly asks, 'Where do whores go?'
Who says, 'The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.'?
Who had his hand cut off by Zollo on the orders of Vargo Hoat?
Who killed 'Jinglebell' Frey?
Who repeatedly told Arya to yield?
Rotund Night's Watchman, known as The Slayer, despite being a self-proclaimed craven:
Names his son after Tyrion:
Known as The Unburnt, and the Breaker of Chains:
This Mad King's last words were 'Burn them all.'
Demands a song from Sansa Stark:
Arya's portly companion who shouts his name as a battle cry:
Blind Maester who passed up The Iron Throne:

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