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DefinitionVocabulary Word
Henry Clay’s proposed agreement that California to enter the Union as a free state and divided the rest of Mexican Cession into two territories where slavery would decide by popu
Type of war in which an army destroys its opponent’s ability to fight by targeting military as well as civilian and economic resources
Union army’s six week blockade of Vicksburg that led the city to surrender during the Civil War
Failed Confederate attack, led by General George Pickett, at the Battle of Gettysburg
Nation formed by the southern states on February 4, 1861; also known as the Confederacy
Civil War battle that in Tennessee in which the Union army gained greater control over the Mississippi river valley
Incident in which abolitionist John Brown and 21 other men captured a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia in hopes of starting a slave rebellion.
Principle that would allow voters in a particular territory to decide whether to ban or permit slavery
DefinitionVocabulary Word
Union Civil War victory that turned the tide against the Confederates at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; resulted in the loss of more than 50,000 soldiers
Federal outpost in Charleston, South Carolina. That was attacked by the Confederates in April 1861, sparking the Civil War
Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri; slaves states that lay between the North and the South and did not join the Confederacy
A devotion to the interests of geographic region rather than those of the country as a whole
Act of formally withdrawing from the Union
Speech given by Abraham Lincoln in which he praised Union soldiers’ bravery and renewed his commitment to winning the Civil WarSpeech given by Abraham Lincoln in which he praised
Law that made it a crime to help runaway slaves; allowed for the arrest of escaped slaves in areas where slavery was illegal and required their return to slaveholders

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