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Centuries long struggle to drive Moors from Spain; ended in 1492 with the surrender of the kingdom of Granada
narrow, winding sea passage
Boundary established by Pope Alexander VI in 1493 about 300 miles west of the Azores; gave unclaimed land west of the line to Spain, and east of the line to Portugal
a royal governor in Spanish america
Spanish soldiers and explorers who led military expeditions in the Americas and captured land for Spain
Transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the Americas and Europe, Asia, and Africa
To sail completely around something
to change beliefs
settlements established by priests in Spanish America to convert local Indians to Catholicism
a nonexistent path through North America that early explorers searched for hoping that it would allow ships to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
an epidemic that spread through Europe from 1348 to about 1350 that killed as many as 75 million people

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