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QuoteMissing WordsSpeaker
I say, why don't you guys locate your dicks, remove the ______ ____, and **** *use* them!Stifler
Don't forget your _____ creamJim's dad
Suck me _________!Oz/Stifler
I can taste the _______!Stifler
You realize we're all going to go to college as virgins. They probably have _______ _____ for people like usJim
It's not a space shuttle launch, it's ___Jessica
I kind of super-glued myself to... uh... ______Jim
The rule of _____. It's an exact science. Consistent as gravityJessica
The _____ is strong with that oneStifler
I used to call it stroking the salami, yeah, you know, pounding the old pud. I never did it with _____ _____Jim's Dad
QuoteMissing WordsSpeaker
I just shoved a _______ in your ass. Aren't instruments fun?Michelle
Aged ________ _____. The way I like itStifler's Mom
I can't remember ****, man, I was too excited! I'm in a _______ strongholdStifler
[On Condoms] Well, they're safer than a ____ ____...Jim's Dad
We'll just tell your mother that... __ ___ __ ___Jim's Dad
I am the ___________, a sophisticated Sex Robot sent through time to change the future for one lucky ladySherman
Jim, you're the only guy I know who's dick needs an ___________ ______Stifler
This one time, at ____ ____Michelle
Oh, ________ ___!Finch
You mean you'venever ______ _______ your mouse?Jessica

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