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Give a color to describe what losing you was like.
After you talk to Taylor's dad, what should she go do?
At what future time might you and Taylor get back together? (Trick Question!)
What will happen to comments Taylor's father makes about your tattoo?
What word can you use to describe Taylor's father?
Where should you kiss Taylor to take away the pain?
Why doesn't Taylor want to dance?
If you call anymore, what won't Taylor do?
It rains when you're here, and it rains when you're ____?
Where were you sitting when you put your arm around Taylor, for the first time?
Why does Taylor hate that stupid old pickup truck?
What was your occupation when you met Taylor?
How many blows would it take to take Taylor down?
One day, where will Taylor be living?
What would Taylor wear to dance in a storm?
What artist does Taylor have more records of than you?
He's the reason for the ____ on Taylor's guitar.
I don't know about you, but what age is Taylor feeling?
ANALOGY| You:Taylor, Full-on Rainstorm: ?
What would Taylor wear on her feet?
If you were here, what would you and Taylor laugh about?
If Taylor were physically being pulled, how would her body be oriented?
What should you think of when you think of Tim McGraw?
What word would Taylor use to describe herself after meeting you?
Which door of your house does Taylor wait by?
The girl who takes Taylor's man is better known for what?
Why does Taylor think it's strange that you think she's funny?
If Taylor could use one color to describe loving you, what would it be?
What seat does Taylor prefer in the car?
How many reasons can she give Stephen?
What is the best thing, that's ever been hers?
He pretends he doesn't know that he's the reason why Taylor is what?
Taylor thought all love ever does is break, burn, and what?
What does Taylor see whenever you smile?
To which month does Taylor go back all the time?
What color eyes should you 'hit' Taylor with?
Come morning light, you and Taylor will be what?
What kind of girl would Taylor NOT describe herself as?
Where would you find Taylor on a Wednesday?
What type of drama would Taylor describe 'The Story of Us' as?
Where might you find Taylor on a typical Tuesday night?
What kind of story is it that you should just say yes?
What year of school is it when you're hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you?
How durable is the line that you and Taylor walk?
On the phone, why do you talk real slow?
What would Taylor prefer to taking the elevator?
How long has Taylor been loving you?
According to Taylor, why shouldn't you let this night go?
Where would Taylor like you to meet her?
If Taylor was a Shakespeare character, who would she be?

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