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There's no time for tearsTaylor Swift; Picture to Burn
Just a boy in a Chevy truck that had aTaylor Swift; Tim McGraw
He says he's so in loveTaylor Swift; Teardrops on My Guitar
Feeling lucky todayTaylor Swift; A Place in this World
You put up wallsTaylor Swift; Cold as You
You saw me there but never knewTaylor Swift; Outside
I guess its true that love is all you wantedTaylor Swift; Tied Together with a Smile
Its hard to make a conversation causeTaylor Swift; Stay Beautiful
But do you honestly expectTaylor Swift; Should've Said No
I was sixteen when suddenlyTaylor Swift; Mary's Song (Oh My, My, My)
I almost didn't notice all theTaylor Swift; Our Song
And sometimes we don't say a thingTaylor Swift; I'm Only Me When I'm with You
I just wanna look in yourTaylor Swift; Invisible
It's not unbroken any moreTaylor Swift; A Perfectly Good Heart
Its a first kiss its Fearless; Fearless
When all you wanted wasFearless; Fifteen
So close your eyesFearless; Love Story
All those other girls well their beautifulFearless; Hey Stephen
And there you are on your kneesFearless; White Horse
I haven't seen it in a whileFearless; You Belong With Me
Cause its tragedy and Fearless; Breathe
You could write a book onFearless; Tell My Why
Could have loved you all my lifeFearless; You're Not Sorry
LyricsAlbum & Song Title
And Never makes me waitFearless; The Way I Loved You
Made you run and hideFearless; Forever and Always
I hug your legs and fall Fearless; The Best Day
They might be bigger butFearless; Change
You've got the keys to meFearless Platinum Edition; Jump then Fall
Your face and the beautiful eyes and theFearless Platinum Edition; Other Side of the Door
When my world wakes up todayFearless Platinum Edition; SuperStar
I know all the steps Fealress Platinum Edition; Come in with the Rain
It's half full and Fearless Platinum Edition; Untouchable
Horrified looks from everyone in Speak Now; Speak Now
I miss your tan skin yourSpeak Now; Back to December
Lead me up the staircase won'tSpeak Now; Sparks Fly
Switching sides and your wildfire Speak Now; Mean
I'm shining like fireworksSpeak Now; Dear John
This is looking like a contestSpeak Now; The Story of Us
Take pictures in your mindSpeak Now; Never Grow Up
Please don't be inSpeak Now; Enchanted
She thinks I'm psycho causeSpeak Now; Better than Revenge
Who you are is not what you Speak Now; Innocent
You and I walk a Speak Now; Haunted
The smell of the rainSpeak Now; Last Kiss
You held your head like a Speak Now; Long Live

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