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HintTeen Novel Title
Society sucks / Everyone becomes pretty / Smoke will set you free
It rains too much here / Boys dressed in body glitter / Om nom nom her blood
Tattoos give powers / Children of angels and us / He’s your brother, dear
Give back my letters / Unknown fame for survival / Mirrors give you hope
Can’t control her curse / Literal dream catcher girl / Alcoholic mom
He’s a Clanker prince / She pretends to be a boy / Steampunk for the win
He finds a blue egg / Falls in love with a sick elf / Brisingr indeed
Secret changeling girl / Lutie-Loo, Spike, and Gristle / Faerie knight romance
Nine aliens came / Earth is the next battleground / A bunch are dead now
HintTeen Novel Title
Rescues sick wolf-dog / Popular boys are evil / She now has powers
Nazi Germany / She has to steal books to read / Death is narrator
Calls her father Mo / Reads characters out of books / What happened to Mom?
Golden monkeys stink / Her alethiometer / Dad opens new world
What is the weather? / Falls in love with a werewolf / Is there any cure?
She can see faeries / One wants her to be his queen / Fighting the winter
Darklings are bad guys / Weird things happen at midnight / She likes boys that fly
Wanderer the Soul / Both love him in one body / Lots of torture yay
Comes seeking brother / A Victorian bromance / Demon pox is real

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