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Can you name the Missing Lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction?

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What Makes You BeautifulOne Direction
You're insecure, don't ____what for.
You're turning heads when you ____ through the door.
Don't need ____ to cover up.
Being the way that you are is _____.
Everyone else in the _____ can see it, everyone else but you.
Baby you light up my world like _____ else.
The way that you flip your ____ gets me overwhelmed.
But when you smile at the ____ it ain't hard to tell,
What Makes You BeautifulOne Direction
you don't know oh oh you don't know you're_____,
that's what____ you beautiful.
If ____ you saw what I can see,
you'll understand why I want you so ______.
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't ______ you don't know oh oh
you _____ know your beautiful oh oh
that's what makes ___ beautiful.

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