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'Wherever any of them are... I would just want to say thank you.'
'Yeah? Get in line.'
'I have a plan: attack!'
'It's more than just knowledge, it's... truth.'
'Are you ever not going to fall for that?'
'I was having 12% of a moment.'
'You think you know pain? He will make you long for something sweet as pain.'
'I watched you while you were sleeping. I mean, I was, I was present while you were unconscious, from the ice.'
'Excuse me, did we come to your planet and blow stuff up?'
'You put those people together, you can't expect what's going to happen...'
'I wouldn't consider him a role model.'
'Loki's got him under some kind of spell, along with one of ours.'
'That guy's brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him.'
'You people are so petty... and tiny.'
'I'm not the one out of time.'
'There are always men like you.'

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