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Can you name the following facts regarding Syracuse University?

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Question:Answer:Fact Tidbit:
This SU alumnus funnyman has a son named Ben, and co-starred in 'King of Queens':
35 SU students were killed by a terrorist bomb aboard Pam Am Flight 103 on 12/21/88 over ______, Scotland:
Famous SU alumnus and sportscaster who is a prominent figure on ESPN and 'Monday Night Football':
A prominent iconic building on the main campus, this building serves as home of the college of arts and sciences:
The athletic conference Syracuse teams are in:
It's the largest sports structure of its kind on any college campus in the nation:
Mascot name:
This SU sport team has won 10 national championships:
SU offered the nations first bachelor of ___ degree:
This SU alumnus created NBC's 'The West Wing' and was a playwright and screen writer for 'A Few Good Men' and 'The American President':
This 2008 movie, starring Dennis Quaid, was a feature film about the life and times of football great Ernie Davis:
Former SU alumnus of the College of Law, he was elected Vice President of the United States in 2008:
This coach was inducted into the 2005 class of the Basketball Hall of Fame:
This SU alumnus and newscaster is a long-time correspondent on CBS '60 Minutes':
Question:Answer:Fact Tidbit:
It's considered the center of the main campus:
The famous church in the middle of the SU campus:
The university was established in this year:
This school of public communications is ranked #1 in the country:
The famous pizza place on the SU hill:
This famous and controversial SU alumnus is an actress, beauty pagent contestant, and national recording artist, currently starring in 'Ugly Betty':
This actor and SU alumnus jumped to stardom with his role in the 1998 movie 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back':
This famous SU student, and prominent NBC sportscaster formerly hosted '____ Coast to Coast' and left SU before graduating:
This famous SU alumnus hosted American Bandstand, Pyramid gameshows, and New Years Rockin' Eve:
Syracuse University sports team-name:
In 1959 Syracuse University won the national championship in this sport, defeating Texas.
This British-born SU alumnus and newscaster formerly hosted ABC News 'Nightline' for 25 years:
He was a two-sport collegiate athlete who played quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins:
Lt. Col. Eileen Collins G'78, was first female to ever command the ____ ____ :

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