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Can you name the answers to these element riddles?

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HintName of Element
What language is spoken by the people of Mangan?
We put the dishes in the kitchen _______.
To be a good neighboor you must learn to mind your own _____.
To park here you must put a ______ in the meter.
If you find your cat run over all you can do is _____.
Are your friends still here? No, they ______.
Doctors amputated half of his leg, leaving his ______.
We're out of foss. Please go to the store and buy some ________.
I borrowed a dollar from Sam and fifty cents from Dean. Therefore I owe Sam more than _______.
Five times two is _____.
HintName of Element
The boy took the old lady by the arm and _____ her across the street.
He demanded payment in chocolate because he said he was _______.
At the end of his first day, car salesman Mr. Umm was asked: 'Did you _______?'
The gold in Pharaoh's crypt weighed 907 kg, so it was known as _____.
Billy's wife complained that all she did all day was wash and _____.
My cat's name is Sullivan, but we call him Sul. He's the reason our furniture is covered with _____.
The well driller had bored a hole of 10m. he found no water, so he ______.
The makers of 'Raid' have developed a slogan to advertise their new insect repellent. It's: 'Don't go out without your ______.'
The boy named Co was heart broken, so _____ his eyes out.

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