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LyricSong Title
I said baby, baby, baby.
I put my money in the suitcase and headed for the big race
Well ive been a wild wild rover sailed all over the sea
I think ill just fall to pieces if i dont find something else to do
Tell me the legends of long ago
I could tell you the story of a vagabond
She's quite the mediator, a smoother operator you will never see
Captain's hair shone softly in the sun
Well ive been mixed up, cut up so sit down and shut up
I was seldom sober in the year 1954
Ive seen a fire start in Frisco, the day that the Earth quaked
Im a fool now that its over can you guess my name
Theres a girl ill remember, oh for such a long long time
Valentinos got a booky shop and what he takes he gives for what hes got
Up jumped jack on the railroad track
After our affair i swore that id leave dublin
Somewhere on the waterfront Johnnys hiding with a gun
Lonesome gambler that woman will lead to heartbreak
At a point below zero there is no place left to go
Down from the glen came the marching men
LyricSong Title
Guess who just got back today
Well my father is a farmer
The sacred heart is bleeding, go tell the holy ghost
Whos got the funk when your feeling low down
I'm tough, rough, ready and able
A strange kind of magic call it voodoo
I've got to find an occupation, I've got to keep myself employed
One of the black boys said i need none of your pity
Hes just a boy that has lost his way hes a rebel that has fallen down
In the land of Eireann sat the high king
Father and i waved goodbye as we went to look
When you came in my life you changed my world
It's a tedious existence laying your love on the line
As i was going over the cork and kerry mountains
In the year of the famine, when starvation and black death raged across the land.
I seen you walking down the street with another man
When i passed you in the doorway well you took me with a glance
There is a demon among us
I am your main man if your looking for trouble
And if you will adore me bow before me and praise my name

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