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Can you name the people, places or things associated with the film Rocky?

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Year in which the film was released?
Where does the film take place?
Number of Academy Award nominations the film received?
Name of Rocky's dog in the film?
Actress that played Adrian?
Before an early morning jog in the film, how many eggs does Rocky eat?
Rocky's nickname?
The name of the loan shark Rocky works for
The name of pet shop where Adrian works?
Rocky's opponent in the fight at the beginning of the film?
The names of Rocky's turtles?
Where are the Rocky Steps located?
Rocky's 'favorite' training location?
Body part that Rocky had never broken prior to his fight with Apollo Creed?
Who composed the soundtrack?
Rocky's famous quote?
Date of the Apollo Creed Fight?
Name of Rocky's Trainer and Manager?
Producers of the film?
What real boxing match inspired the film?

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