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DeffinitionPresidentderived language(s)
In a row of houses by the woods lives the son of WillOld English, English
An animal pen and that brave bloke's sonNorman French, Old English
Heel-holding son of MaudHebrew, English
The farmer thickens wool with his feet and comes from land near shrubberiesGreek, Old English, English
They guy who wanted a helmet is the son of FinlayOld German, Gaelic
He comes from a fortified place, this Bear-ManLatin, Old English
Holder of the heel from the mouth of the Roe RiverHebrew, Gaelic
God is gracious to the person who tiles roofsGreek, English
Ruler of the home and all-around trusty manMiddle English
Holder of the heel who lives in a triangular fieldHebrew, Old English
The farmer who's joined the bright army treads on wet wool for a living and lives near some shrubsGreek, Old German, Old English, English
Someone who wishes for a helmet comes from a mountain townOld German, Old English
God remembers the guy who makes clothesHebrew, Old French
God is gracious to the son of Gerald and the kinsmen of Brian BoruGreek, Norman French, Irish
Person who lives near Ruther's Ford near a hedgeGaelic, English
Freeman rockMiddle English, Greek
Twin son of JeffreyAramaic, English
That big guy with a spear manages the river-crossingOld German, English
The guy who wants a helmet is that brave-hearted guy from the homesteadOld German, English
Freeman from the swampy field of rosesMiddle English, Gaulish, Dutch
From the hill with the lime tree comes the son of JohnOld English, English
Holding the heel at the canon houseHebrew, Gaelic
DeffinitionPresidentderived language(s)
The blessing was born crookedArabic, Dholuo
Male son of JackGreek, English
Son of both the right hand and of HarryHebrew, English
He hates tall thingsLatin, Norman French
Male son of JohnGreek, English
God is gracious to manGreek, Hebrew
He wants a helmet, this home-ruler, this son of HarryOld German, English
The well-advised ruler is the son of a rather impulsive fellowOld Norse, Irish
Father of many from the lake colonyHebrew, Welsh
Supplanter from the pitHebrew, Gaelic
The army of light owns landOld German German
God is gracious to the fifth manGreek, Latin, Hebrew
Bald, rocky hillFrench, Old English
Zeus's iron workerGreek, German
Farmer from the town of WassaGreek, Old English
God's gift to a field of rosesGreek, Dutch
The man who's been hanging on to his brother's heel also makes cartsHebrew, Norman French
The brave and powerful son of NicholasOld German, English
He comes from Mars, or maybe a town in the NetherlandsLatin, Dutch
A grove of trees near a cliffOld English, English
The guardian of the mill is very famousOld English

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