MLB Offseason Recap (So Far...)

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Can you name the Players to Either Resign or Go on the Move This Offseason?

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TransactionPlayerNew Team (Years/Money)
ExtensionWhite Sox P (2 Yrs $29M)
ExtensionRays 3B (6 Yrs $100M)
ExtensionMets 3B (8 Yrs $138M)
ExtensionTwins P (2 Yrs $5.5M)
SigningDodgers P (3 Yrs $22.5M)
SigningRed Sox DH (2 Yrs $26M)
SigningAthletics P (1 Yrs $3M)
SigningMariners P (1 Yrs $1.5M)
SigningRays P (2 Yrs $6M)
SigningBlue Jays 2B (3 Yrs $9M)
SigningRed Sox C (2 Yrs $6.2M)
SigningGiants P (3 Yrs $18M)
SigningCubs P (1 Yrs $5.5M)
SigningCubs C (1 Yrs $1.75M)
SigningBraves C (2 Yrs $---)
SigningTigers OF (2 Yrs $26M)
SigningMarlins OF (1 Yrs $1.6M)
SigningCubs P (1 Yrs $1.35M)
SigningBlue Jays OF (2 Yrs $16M)
SigningRoyals P (3 Yrs $25M)
SigningYankees P (1 Yrs $15M)
SigningWhite Sox OF (1 Yrs $0.7M)
SigningRed Sox OF (2 Yrs $10M)
SigningAngels P (1 Yrs $3.5M)
SigningCubs P (1 Yrs 6M)
SigningBraves OF (5 Yrs $75.25M)
SigningYankees P (1 Yrs $12M)
SigningReds (3 Yrs $21M)
SigningYankees P (1 Yrs $10M)
SigningPirates C (2 Yrs $17M)
SigningRangers C (1 Yrs $2.75M)
SigningRed Sox C (3 Yrs $39M)
SigningPadres P (1 Yrs $3M)
SigningRays 1B (1 Yrs $2M)
SigningD-Backs OF (1 Yrs $1.075M)
SigningRangers P (2 Yrs $8M)
SigningCubs OF (1 Yrs $2.25M)
TransactionPlayerNew Team (Years/Money)
SigningRockies P (1 Yrs $---)
SigningAngels P (2 Yrs $15M)
SigningAngels P (2 Yrs $8M)
SigningCardinals P (3 Yrs $7.5M)
SigningD-Backs 3B (1 Yrs $3M)
SigningMariners OF (1 Yrs $---)
SigningOrioles OF (1 Yrs $2M)
SigningCubs 3B (1 Yrs $2M)
SigningRed Sox P (1 Yrs $4.25M)
SigningBraves OF (1 Yrs $1.75M)
SigningGiants 2B (3 Yrs $20M)
SigningNationals P (1 Yrs $13M)
SigningGiants OF (4 Yrs $40M)
SigningIndians 1B (1 Yrs $6M)
SigningDodgers P (6 Yrs $147M)
SigningReds OF (2 Yrs $15M)
SigningWhite Sox (3 Yrs $12M)
SigningD-Backs P (2 Yrs $15M)
SigningReds 3B (2 Yrs $---)
SigningPirates P (2 Yrs $6.75M)
SigningGiants OF (1 Yrs $2M)
SigningRed Sox P (2 Yrs $26.5M)
SigningTwins P (2 Yrs $10M)
SigningRed Sox OF (3 Yrs $39M)
SigningCardinals 1B (2 Yrs $5M)
SigningYankees 3B (1 Yrs $12M)
SigningPhillies P (1 Yrs $2.5M)
SigningTigers P (5 Yrs $80M)
SigningPhillies P (2 Yrs $12M)
SigningAngels OF (5 Yrs $125M)
TradeMarlins C
TradeMarlins P
TradeMarlins SS
TradeBlue Jays C
TradeBlue Jays 3B
TradeBlue Jays SS
TradeBlue Jays P
TransactionPlayerNew Team (Years/Money)
TradeBlue Jays P
TradeOrioles OF
TradeMariners 2B
TradeOrioles 3B
TradePirates P
TradePirates P
TradeNationals OF
TradeAthletics P
TradeBraves P
TradeAngels P
TradeBrewers P
TradeRockies P
TradeRays SS
TradeTwins P
TradePhillies OF
TradePhillies 3B
TradeRoyals P
TradeRoyals P
TradeIndians P
TradeIndians P
TradeD-Backs P
TradeD-Backs SS
TradeIndians OF
TradeReds SS
TradeReds OF
TradeDodgers 2B
WaiverBraves OF
WaiverOrioles 2B
WaiverYankees C
WaiverMariners OF
WaiverAstros P
WaiverAngels OF
WaiverBlue Jays C
WaiverRangers C
International SigningDodgers P (6 Yrs $36M)
International SigningCubs P (2 Yrs $9.5M)

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