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Can you name the Metallica Lyrics. Try to finish them all. I think it's not too hard for hard core fans?

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The Horsemen are drawing nearer On leather steeds they ride... (6 words)
There is no escape and that's for sure This is the end... (4 words)
Flash before my eyes Now it's time to die... (9 words)
Needlework the way, never you betray... (5 words)
Fire! To begin whipping dance of the dead... (4 words)
Now that the war is through with me... (6 words)
I see faith in your eyes... (6 words)
So tear me open and pour me out There's things inside... (4 words)
Gimme fuel Gimme fire... (5 words)
'Cause we hunt you down without mercy... (6 words)

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