Family Guy Characters (Last Names)

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Can you name the Family Guy Characters (Last Names)?

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First NameLast NameAnother hint
PeterThat one's easy.
Cleveland'What the hell! No, no, no, no, no!'
Joe'The sexual thrill!'
Mayor Adam'And I'm a man who loves his taffy...'
Diane'You're so far in the closet you're finding Christmas presents!'
Tom'Coming up, Diane's weight.'
Neil'Hey Meg.' (slight lisp)
Ollie'I saw a fish!'
TrishaSound it out.
First NameLast NameAnother hint
James'Ooh! A piece of candy!'
Doctor'I don't know how to say this...Kim Bassinger?'
Carter'I wish I could talk to ghosts, that would be sweet!'
Evil(ominous pointing)
Ernie the Giant(Fight)
Connie'Hey Connie, you see that fire extinguisher over there?'
Greased-up 'They're never gonna catch me!'
CarlTough one (store clerk) 'I would do her.'
Jillian'How do I know if I'm Jewish?'
SethCreator of Family Guy

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