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Forced Order
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First/Middle/Maiden names
Nancy Davis
Elizabeth 'Betty' Anne Bloomer
Julia Dent
Louisa Johnson
Florence Kling DeWolfe
Hillary Rodham
Michelle Robinson
Lou Henry
Edith Bolling Galt
Lucy Ware Webb
Martha Wayles Skelton
Jane Means Appleton
Lucretia Rudolph
Anna Tuthill Symmes
Elizabeth 'Bess' Virginia Wallace
Dolley Payne Todd
Frances Folsom
Abigail Smith
Martha Dandridge Custis
Caroline Lavinia Scott
Ida Saxton
Ellen Lewis Herndon
First/Middle/Maiden names
Eliza McCardle
Rosalynn Smith
Abigail Powers
Marie 'Mamie' Geneva Doud
Sarah Childress
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
Edith Kermit Karow
Mary Todd
Helen Herron
Rachel Donelson Robards
Margaret Mackall Smith
Elizabeth Kortright
Julia Gardiner
Barbara Pierce
Hannah Hoes
Laura Welch
Grace Goodhue
Letitia Christian
Ellen Louise Axson
Claudia 'Lady Bird' Alta Taylor
Thelma 'Pat' Catherine Ryan
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

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