The Adventurous Adventures of 1D

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Can you name the The Adventurous Adventures of 1D?

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What is the persons name that made the video?
What did Liam order at the beginning?
Whats Harrys favorite food?
Who makes fun of Zayns hair?
Whats the theme song of The Adventurous Adventures of 1D?
What color is Nialls Suit?
How many times does Louis hit Harry?
Whos Phsymon based on?
Who keeps talking about Donkey Kong?
Whats the old knights name?
Whats Harrys cats name?
How many seconds does Harrys Nooooo last?
What is the evil guys name?
What color is harrys Eyes?
How many nipples does Harry have?
How many guards were in front of the control room?

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