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What is the Sirius' Adress?Only appears to chosen people
Whose Wand Does Harry Use In The Final Battle?Not His
What is Harrys Vault Number?Given to him by his parents
What is Harry's Middle Name?Named after his father
What is Sirius' Brothers Name?R.A.B
What is Harry's Adress?Its in Little Whinging
What is Dumbledores full name?Says it in the 5th movie
Whats Missing Diary, Locket, Snake, Harry, Diadem, CupIt Was Marvolo Gaunts
What is Voldemort's FULL name?Makes The words I Am Lord Voldemort
What is Dumbledores sisters name?Starts with A
What is Ron's Rats Real Name?Can also be known as scabbers or wormtail

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