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Easy To Love, Be Like The Blue Bird, The Gypsy In Me
Come to a Party, Give Way, Come Back
SOS, Slipping Through My Fingers, Our Last Summer
Grow For Me, Dentist!, Suppertime
Dance O' Death, Heart to Hart, Change It
The Movie In My Mind, Why God, Why?, I Still Believe
He's Not Here, Better Than Before, Light
Notes, Twisted Every Way, Hannibal
We're Okay, Christmas Bells, Over the Moon
Paris Original, Cinderella Darling, I Believe In You
Little Lamb, Together Wherever We Go, Broadway
Run Away!, I'm All Alone, Twice In Every Show
Forever Yours, One Small Girl, Some Say
Love Is Only Love, So Long Dearie, Ribbons Down My Back
On This Night of a Thousand Stars, The Art of the Possible, She Is A Diamond
The Mirror/Blue Night, The Guilty Ones, All That's Known
Two Kinsmen, Both Sides of the Coin, Off to the Races
I'm Not That Girl, Wonderful, For Good
Baby Talk To Me, One Last Kiss, What Did I Ever See In Him?
Sue Me, Marry the Man Today, If I Were A Bell
Stay With Me, No More, I Know Things Now
I Am Africa, I Am Here For You, Making Things Up Again
If I Said I Love You, I'll Be There, Woman
Class, A Little Bit of Good, When You're Good To Mama
Don't Cry Out Loud, The Lives of Me, You and Me (We Wanted It All)
Butter Outta Cream, Goodbye, Doctor's Orders
Carrying the Banner, Watch What Happens, That's Rich
How I Am, Five Forever, Days of Plenty
A Change In Me, The Mob Song, How Long Must This Go On?
In, The Destruction, And Eve Was Weak
My Defenses Are Down, I Got Lost In His Arms, I'll Share It All With You
Accident Waiting To Happen, Toledo Surprise, Hello
Schroeder, The Kite, Glee Club Rehearsal
You Did It, Show Me, A Hymn to Him
The Schmuel Song, Moving Too Fast, I Can Do Better Than That
Pathetic, I'm Here, School Song
Step One, In This Corner, Soul of a Man
Travel Song, Story of My Life, I Think I Got You Beat
Please Don't Touch Me, The Happiest Town in Town, Deep Love
Kind Of A Woman, No Time At All, Spread a Little Sunshine
Human Stuff, She's In Love, Sweet Child
The Military, Havin' A Hunch, Monkey Around
Don't Be The Bunny, Follow Your Heart, Cop Song
The Contest, Kiss Me, By the Sea
Maria, Laendler, Climb Ev'ry Mountain
Serious, Positive, Whipped Into Shape
Part Of It All, An Original Musical, Secondary Characters
Gold, Falling Slowly, If You Want Me
Full Disclosure, Waiting, One Normal Night
Special, The Money Song, Purpose

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