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CreedMissing Words# of Words
We believe in 2
Maker of 3
of all that is, 3
We believe in one Lord, 2
the only3
eternally 4
God from1
Light from1
True God from2
begotten, 2
one in Being with the1
CreedMissing Words# of Words
Through him4
For us men and for our1
he came down from1
by the power of the 2
he was born of the2
and became1
For our sake he was 1
he suffered, died, and was 1
On the third day he 2
in fulfillment of the1
he ascended into 1
and is seated at the 5
CreedMissing Words# of Words
He will come again in1
to judge the 4
and his kingdom will have2
We believe in the 2
the Lord, the 3
who proceeds from the4* (RC version)
With the Father and the Son, he is 3
He has spoken through the1
We believe in one5
We acknowledge one1
for the 3
We look for the 4
and the life of the 4

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