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Sixth Element (-bon) + metallic sound (-cl)
Bird Claw + Synonym for Fire
Vomit + Chrysalis (-pu)
Relating to a Smell (-ic) + Female suffix
Greek word for Sun (-s) + Cold-blooded chordate family (-re)
Amphibian + Military Rank (-brig)
Ghost (-tom) + Chopped Down Tree (-s)
Sound (-se) + Dragon (-wy)
Species of Snail (u = i) + Ooze
Nomadic Warrior (-ian) + Fastholding Marine Invertebrate (-barn)
Family to which Pumpkins belong to (-d) + mischevious spirit (-polter)
Species of Fox (-k) + Family
Twice (-e) + Sharp Object (-bl)
Large Sauropod (-rgasaurus) + Northern Lights (-aur)
Last Letter of the Alphabet + French for protect
Type of Nut (-tnut) + Destructive Force (-jugger)
Carnivorous Dinosaur (-nossaurus) + Violent Fit (-t)
Hair on Mammals + Posh (-frou)
Slide (-d) + Slang for Child (-ki)
Cat Sound + Magical (-my)

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