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Can you name the song by the crime committed within it?

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Arrived just in time to the scene of the crime (Vigilantism)
Couldn't drive the speed limit on the freeway (Speeding)
Backed their car into a cop car the other day (Property Damage)
Spent large amounts of time in a brothel in New Orleans (Prostitution/Hiring Prostitutes)
Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die (Murder)
Was cruel to his woman, beat her, and kept her away from the things that she loved (Assualt/Harassment)
Broke into ex-girlfriend's apartment after she didn't change the lock or make him leave the key (Trespassing)
Put a gun against a man's head and pulled the trigger (Murder)
Escaped from jail and went on the run (Prison Escape)
Shot the sheriff, allegedly in self-defense (Assault/Murder)

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