Common US City Names by Letter

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Can you name the most common city names for each letter (according to the U.S. Postal Service)?

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LetterCity NameStates with Largest 2 Cities
ATexas, Virginia
BNorth Carolina, Vermont
CMaryland, Iowa
DOhio, Nevada
EIllinois, Texas
FTennessee, Wisconsin
GNorth Carolina, South Carolina
HOhio, Alabama
IMissouri, Kentucky
JMississippi, Tennessee
KNew York, Pennsylvania
LNebraska, California
MWisconsin, Alabama
LetterCity NameStates with Largest 2 Cities
NRhode Island, Kentucky
OOhio, Alabama
PMinnesota, Indiana
QMassachusetts, Illinois
RMassachusetts, Vermont
SMissouri, Massachusetts
TMichigan, New York
UMissouri, South Carolina
VTexas, Alabama
WDistrict of Columbia, Utah
XOhio, Illinois
YPennsylvania, South Carolina
ZOhio, Indiana

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