name the chemicals involved in love?

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Can you name the chemicals involved in love??

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Chemicals that play a role in sex drive
Pleasure chemical of the brain; Produces a feeling of bliss
Produces a racing heart and excitement; related to #2
Machine utilized to 'look' at the brain during feelings of love
The Brain experiences lower levels of this chemical during attraction, possibly explaining why lovers 'obsess' about their partners.
It is well known that our brains produce a 'love cocktail' during affection. But which sex produces this cocktail more readily?
A lack of #5 is correlated with what disorder?
This Chemical is released when two people have sex; producing actual chemical bonding between two people
This chemical has been associated with long term affection; also disrupts the function of #s 2 and 3
This chemical, like #2, is one of the body's natural painkillers, and plays a key role in long term attachment
The scent chemical that produces attraction

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