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About MeCountry
My native languages are Dutch, French and German.
My national anthem is Hatikva.
I've got Angel Falls, the world's largest uninterrupted waterfall.
I am the world's largest exporter of Cocoa.
My capital is Bern.
I am the world's smallest country.
You have me to thank for Ikea.
My national football (soccer) team is nicknamed the Indomitable Lions.
I am the world's largest country (by area).
My national flower is the Red Carnation (clavel in my native language).
I am #1 in the World Tourism Rankings.
I was Ghengis Khan's home.
My people are nicknamed Kiwis.
I'm the only place you'll find lemurs in the wild.
I hate it when the USA calls me Burma.
About MeCountry
I'm the Land of the Rising Sun.
I have a Forbidden City (please, no McD's allowed).
My national airline is Lufthansa.
My currency is the leu.
The Pope is my neighbor. Holler.
I have three capitals to choose from.
I border 9 South American countries.
I contain 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world (including the highest one!).
Need the time? I've got it-just look at Big Ben.
Want to get away? I've got Blarney Castle--and a stone you can kiss.
I created goulash (one of my national dishes!).
I don't mean to brag, but I'm considered the cradle of Western Civilization.
I had Olmecs, Toltecs and Aztecs--oh Maya!
Easter Island is a special territory of mine.
My motto is 'From Sea to Sea.' I also share the longest country to country border in the world.

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