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Clue4 letter word#
*Fairy Tale of New ____*1.
Meat from swine2.
A privilege or gain, often because of a position or title3.
A programming language4.
Outside layer of a banana5.
Command for a Dog6.
*____'s Ditch*7.
What lumberjacks do to trees8.
*If I should ____ from Grace with God*9.
There's a 'Great' one in China10.
What your heirs sue each other over11.
*____ [56] of Kilkenny*12.
Not spicy13.
5280 feet14.
Bog or marsh15.
*Sit [32] by the ____*16.
*____ Green Queens & [95]*17.
In person, the best way to enjoy the secret theme!18.
Parasites in hair19.
Rub your tongue over (e.g. a lollipop)20.
*The ____ Bed of Cuchulainn*21.
Clue4 letter word#
Submerge to the bottom22.
What Shane MacGowan does23.
*Turkish ____ of the Damned*24.
Multiple male progeny25.
*The House of ____*27.
What ____ up, must come down28.
Digits on the feet29.
To pull behind30.
*Dirty Old ____*31.
*Sit ____ by the [16]*32.
When the sun rises33.
Baby deer34.
Willing or obliged35.
Lovely, pleasing36.
*A ____ of Brown [101]*37.
How someone is monetarily compensated38.
Hired hand who cleans39.
*The Old ____ Drag*40.
*____ Street*41.
What the ATF does42.
Clue4 letter word#
Author of Atlas Shrugged43.
*And the ____ Played Waltzing Matilda*44.
He likes gin martinis, shaken, not stirred.45.
Skinny, scrawny46.
*The ____ of an American*47.
Ore deposit49.
Put an excessive load50.
To be idle, relax51.
Adjective for someone in [51]52.
*London You're a ____*53.
Young men54.
Ill-bred men, often chauvenists55.
*[12] ____ of Kilkenny*56.
____ Blanchett57.
Name in a citation58.
*White ____*59.
Sympathy for a sufferer60.
These are inside cherries61.
Winnings at the poker table62.
Politicians, for short63.
Clue4 letter word#
A sport with ponies and mallets.64.
By yourself65.
*A Rainy Night in ____*66.
'That's SOOOOOO ___' (youth saying, short for bohemian)67.
He modeled the atom68.
A rude person69.
*____ Paddy*70.
To fill a glass71.
Lemons have a ____ taste72.
Shane does this when he sings73.
Too fast to been seen clearly74.
*____ Heaven*75.
Type of chimney76.
Botch or blunder77.
Fatty body tissue, especially around the midsection78.
A thick plate or slice, especially concrete79.
To shut violently80.
*Summer in ____*81.
Actor Neeson82.
Mixture with moistened clay83.
Clue4 letter word#
A lion's cry85.
A male, uncastrated pig86.
*Drunken ____*87.
Strike repeatedly88.
Red vegetable89.
*I'm a Man You Don't ____ Everyday*90.
Goes on a BBQ91.
Type of average92.
Groaning sound of pain93.
____ of Arc94.
*[17] Green Queens & ____*95.
Head of a faculty, e.g. college96.
*Down in the Ground where the ____ Men Go*97.
A feat, an action98.
Changed color permanently with pigments99.
Looked at100.
*A [37] of Brown ____*101.
Theme (not in the ladder)102.

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