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Feminist philosopher who argues that not only did humans create God but also that the idea of God in Christianity reflects a patriarchy.
British Philosopher and Christian Theologian, who wrote, ' God Can Allow Some Evil'. Tackles the issue of evil in the world and how it concerns the existence of God. States that if
British Philosopher and Mathematician that was a proponent of evidentialism, who argues that the only legitimate justification for beliefs is that which is based on solid evidence.
Philosopher that wrote, 'Ways of Being Religious' and tackles the question of, 'what is religion?'. H
French physician who was a passionate defender of Christianity. Is known by approaching the question of existence of God by presenting religious faith as a wager.
Philosopher that proposed humans created God in their own image based on idea that at the center of ourselves there is an estrangement. He stated that we are divided into two selve
Japanese philosopher who suggested that religion is a vital personal question that everyone must face when he/she encounters nihility-- 'that which renders meaningless the meaning
Known to be the founder of Daoism.
Known to be the founder of Buddhism.
What is the world's largest religion with 2.1 billion adherents?
Widely known as the father of modern existentialism. In excerpts from his essay 'The Leap of Faith and the Limits of Reason,' he argues that to fully understand human existence, we
Philosopher who believed that while skeptical demands for evidence are appropriate when analyzing and describing the physical world, this is not the case in areas like creative sci
Philosopher and Catholic theologian who wrote, 'Summa Theologica' and presents a number of different formulations of the Cosmological Argument which argues that if we examine the c
Authored the 'ontological argument' for God's existence. Rests his argument on the assumption that, in general, existence is 'contingent', not 'necessary'.

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