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Who wants to marry Ichinose (Erik) ?
Who wears goggles and a cape ?
Who is the prankster of Inazuma Japan ?
Who is Raimon's Ace Striker ?
Who is known as the Midfield Magician ?
Who is the Soccer mad main character ?
Who is Raimon's Dragon shot user ?
Who destroys Raimon Middle School ?
Who is the captain of The Genesis ?
Who is the captain of Prominence ?
Who captains Diamond Dust ?
Who is behind True Teikoku (Royal) Academy ?
Who always has food and the bathroom on his mind ?
Who is the President's daughter ?
Who is The Kingdom's captain ?
Who is the captian of Orpheus ?
Who is Orpheus' highest scorer in the FFI ?
Whose technique gets stronger from further away ?
Who uses an Iron Wall ?
Which goalkeeper is taught by Endou Daisuke (David Evans) ?
Who is the Unicorn's Ace Striker ?
Who is the Unicorn's Captain ?
Who can play in defence and forward ?
Who is Inazuma Japan's fastest player ?
Who is Inazuma Japan's Coach ?
Who is the grandfather of the main character ?

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