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Happy's girlfriend in the beginning of the movie had what profession
'Happy, the gold jackets yours, Shooters gunna ______
'The rules say to play it as it lies, yea, i had to play it off of __________ fat foot.'
What song is playing when Happy and Virginia are in the ice rink?
What is the name of the guy with a nail in his head?
What does Otto (Homeless Caddy) use as a ball Marker?
'Hey Shooter, wanna go to the _____ and get some grub.'
'You can trouble me for a glass of ______ ____ ______ _____'
What animal ate Chubbs Peterson's hand?
What brand of putter does Chubbs get Happy?
'Which famous golfer is always near Happy when he does something bad?
'Time to go ____ there ball'
'You gotta Harness in the good energy, but _____ ____ ___ ___'
'Great to have you on tour Happy, I feel a lot of positive _______ coming from you'
'I think you've had enough, no...., now you've had enough, _____'
'Oh wow that could not have gone any better, instead of hitting you he hits ___ _______'
'I'll be at Red Lobster in case you change your mind, ____ _____ '
'This is not Hockey Mr. Gilmore, no matter how ____ ___ ____ ___ __ ___'
Lay another finger on me ill burn down the house and _____ on the ashes'

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