Add the Words 'In', 'Out' or 'Up'

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Can you name the words that complete the expressions when you add 'In', 'Out' or 'Up'?

Featured Mar 21, 2011

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Hint 1WordHint 2
+ 'IN': A dress, for a dieter+ 'OUT': Dinner, for a non-dieter
+ 'UP': The second-floor apartment+ 'IN': The apartment's closet
+ 'IN': When you arrive at the doctor's office+ 'UP': Why you're at the doctor's office
+ 'UP': Putting on lipstick+ 'OUT': Putting lipstick on a man
+ 'IN': In a hole, by accident+ 'OUT': In a bomb shelter, on purpose
+ 'IN': To a sports radio talk show+ 'UP': Minor league baseball player's dream
+ 'IN': No need for appointments+ 'OUT': No need for a degree
+ 'OUT': Into the trash bin+ 'UP': Hopefully into a toilet
Hint 1WordHint 2
+ 'IN': Protest posture: on the floor+ 'UP': Test your posture: try getting your shoulders up
+ 'OUT': The team didn't score a point+ 'UP': Their loudmouth coach wouldn't do this
+ 'OUT': George Foreman, to Muhammad Ali+ 'UP': Katherine Heigl, to Seth Rogen
+ 'IN': For the hot TV show+ 'UP': For the hot rod
+ 'OUT': Couch+ 'UP': Most couch potatoes can't do one
+ 'UP': The comedian's early days+ 'IN': The actor's stunt double
+ 'IN': Surrendering to something enjoyable+ 'UP': Surrendering in despair
+ 'OUT': Preferred method of travel for Ludacris+ 'UP': Preferred fruit candy for kids

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