Famous disease sufferers

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Can you name the diseases/conditions based on famous people who have/had them?

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Famous sufferersDisease/Condition (Specific)
Stephen Hawking / Lou Gehrig
Michael J. Fox / Muhammad Ali
Magic Johnson / Greg Louganis
Walt Disney / Peter Jennings
Elaine Paige / Michael Jackson
Ronald Reagan / Terry Pratchett
Lance Armstrong / Tom Green
Pamela Anderson / Steven Tyler
Kylie Minogue / Olivia Newton-John
Famous sufferersDisease/Condition (Specific)
Shannen Doherty / Mike McCready
Mary Tyler Moore / Wilford Brimley
Howard Hughes / Howie Mandel
Danny Glover / Neil Young
Carrie Fisher / Patty Duke
Mario Lemieux / Sen. Arlen Specter
Franklin D. Roosevelt / Arthur C. Clarke
John Nash / Syd Barrett

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