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Sport (Sample team)AthleteHairstyle
NBA (Bulls, '95-'98)Blonde, green, pink, leopard print, etc. etc....
NFL (Steelers, '03-Present)Long, flowing, and Head & Shoulders-endorsed
Soccer (Man. United, '93-'03)A famous fauxhawk, followed by a less famous ponytail phase
MLB (Red Sox, '02-'05)Scraggly caveman hair and a grizzly beard, until the Yankees cleaned him up
Soccer (Real Madrid, '02-'07)His look at the 2002 World Cup - bald except for a patch at his temples - left many scratching their heads
MLB (Giants, '07-Present)Long and luxurious brunette locks, matching his beanpole frame
NBA (Suns, '04-Present)Shaggy moptop more common with rockstars than NBA players
NHL (Penguins, '90-'01)In a sport of mullets, this Czech's thick, curly neck-blanket was the most famous of the 90s
Sport (Sample team)AthleteHairstyle
NBA (Pistons, '00-'06)Massive afro for home games, cornrows on the road
Boxing promoterHuge, salt-and-pepper coiffure splayed up in all directions
NBA (Cavaliers, '04-'08)Styles ranging from a multi-braided goatee to a single patch of hair at the back of his head
NHL (Hurricanes, '05-'08)Ginger afro about twice the size of his helmet
NBA (Bulls, '07-Present)Curly mess of hair bundled into a large ponytail
Tennis (1986-2006)Went from a famous frosted-blonde puffed-out hyper-mullet to shaven-bald in the 90s
MLB (Mariners, '89-'98)Wild, wavy mullet almost as impressive as his moustache
Soccer (Colombia national, '85-'98)Instantly recognizable with his enormous, permed blonde afro

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