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What does Eric make when Shea sends him to the kitchen?
Where did Phillip Rosenthal actually send Raymond?
Which teacher resembles Nick on the bus?
What's the name of chapter 27 of the seventh Harry Potter book?
Tobey Maguire is fired by _____ ?
Who narrates Horse Play?
For what channel does Demetri do narrations for?
Who kills Brianne for saying 'sorry'?
What's Nick Berjhe's code name?
Who directs Demetir's adventures to film?
What's the name of Harry Potter eight?
Who is the most deadly office employee out of all the super hero's?
Before being friends with David the sun was first friends with...
What does Snape say to make Harry Potter's broom stick go wild?
Who licks the knife after killing Chaz?
Who is Harry Osbourne's Best Friend?
What is the name of Steven Boccino's mother?
What does Liam have to drink to save the day?
Who narrates David Grizzly David?
Who survives when Aldin pushes the emergency button on the bus?
How many people does Eric kill on his killing spree?
'Did somebody say ____'
What's the last line of David Grizzly David?

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