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Can you name the names of these bands from before they got famous?

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Original NameFamous NameApproximate Year of Name Change
On A Friday1985
Pen Cap Chew1988
The High Numbers1964
The Polka Tulk Blues Band1968
The Rain1991
The Quarry Men1960
Mookie Blaylock1990
Free Beer1988
Tabitha's Secret1995
Kara's Flowers2002
Original NameFamous NameApproximate Year of Name Change
Sweet Children1987
The Warlocks1964
Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem1983
Steel Mill1972
The New Yardbirds1968
The Pendletones1961
The Himalayans1994
The Golliwogs1967
The Sex Maggots1986
The Hawks1964

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