Polearms from the AD&D 1st Ed. PH

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Can you name the polearms from the AD&D 1st Edition Players Handbook?

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I think it's like a cleaver on a stick
one of the little pointy spiky ones
combination of, uh, 9. and 9., as far as I can tell
like a sickle on a stick
combination of 4. and 6.
like a pitchfork on a stick
knife on a stick
combination of 7. and 9.
hook on a stick
combination of 9. and 18.
axe on a stick
the other little pointy spiky one
just what were the Czechs up to, anyway?
dagger on a long stick
like a sai on a stick
dagger on a stick
16. plus spikes
pole cleaver

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