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Clue4-letter wordRung
With [rung 26], a place to put [rung 5] and [rung 17]1
A dose of medicine3
Can be used to pay itself4
Something to hang in [rung 1] [rung 26]5
E.g. one from estonia6
Ingredient in beer7
Soft roe8
Jaunty rhythm in music9
Often placed under [rung 1] [rung 26]11
Young female domestic pig12
Mud or clay or small rocks deposited by a river or lake13
Selenoprotein T14
Spanish car manufacturer15
Something to have on top of [rung 1] [rung 26]17
A datum that can be represented numerically18
Tell on, rat19
River herring20
Small storage building21
Can be used to take [rung 1] [rung 26] home the old fashioned way22
Ran away23
Dryer, Couples or Flintstone24
Not locked in25
With [rung 1], a place to put [rung 5] and [rung 17]26

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