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What is the name given to the environment which results when glacial meltwater forms rivers/streams?
Which mafic mineral is most likely to be found in silicic rocks?
What term refers to organisms disturbing sediment - eg burrowing?
What is the name for an igneous rock with exceptionally large crystals?
What rock is likely to form from delta bottoms?
Give one of two names for the region of delta deposits where coarse, cross-bedded sandstone is likely to be seen
What category of igneous rock contains no feldspar minerals?
What word means to compact (a rock) under pressure?
What type of magma forms at divergent boundaries?
What is the name given to a glacial deposit containing large boulders cemented together by clay?
What is the dominant mafic mineral in mafic rocks?
What particle size is likely to occur in deltaic deposits formed in the main channels?
What type of magma forms at hot-spots?
At continent-continent convergent plate boundaries, what magma is likely to be observed?
What is the name given to a glacial sediment of alternating light and dark layers?
What gas, in high proportions, strongly indicates that a volcanic eruption is likely?
Name a mineral which hydrolysis strongly affects
Name one of two deltaic topset deposits which form in floodplains?
What is the name for the channels which form in a delta?
What is another term for a slip-off slope?
What name is given to lava which cools to give a ropy, smooth surface?
Below what percentage of silica do igneous rocks contain no quartz?
Which category of igneous rock is most likely to contain a large proportion of hornblende?
Fluvial sediment becomes more quartz-rich the longer it is transported. What other mineral (or type of mineral) does it become richer in?

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