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At roughly what temperature is the boundary between metamorphic and igneous rocks?
What is the max slope of sand dunes (aka the 'angle of repose')?
What sedimentary structure is likely to be seen in clastic playa lake deposits?
What name is given to an ephemeral desert channel?
Name one of two rocks which can be formed in a wadi
What desert rock is well rounded, compositionally and texturally mature and has very small particle size?
What rock forms from ash deposits?
What rock forms from a lahar deposit?
What is another term with the same meaning as 'cross-cutting' regarding age of deposits?
What term is given to a line joining areas with equal thickness of ash deposits?
What is the term for the abrasive process whereby a glacier picks up rocks from underneath it?
What desert rock contains feldspar and quartz with particles of about 2mm in size?
What rock is created from clastic sediment in playa lakes?
What rock forms from pyroclastic flow deposits?
What sediment is formed by a terminal morraine?
What name is given to a desert rock which has large angular clasts and is texturally immature?
What is the general term given to a period of time containing many systems/periods?
What general term refers to the shape of mineral crystals?
What sedimentary structure is seen in rocks formed from sand dunes?
What name is given to the sedimentary structure in which rocks are stacked against each other in a row?

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