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NASCAR Teams put nitrogen in the tires instead of air
Solid gold medals are still awarded to Olympians to this day
The youngest player to win at Wimbledon was a 20 year old female
'Tug of War' was once an Olympic Event
The White Sox were the first team to put numbers on the backs of their jerseys
Wilt Chamberlain NEVER fouled out of a basketball game
Kite flying is a professional sport in Deutschland
The Oakland Raiders were the first NFL team to have cheerleaders
Maryland's State sport is Jousting
Jackie Robinson was the only player to letter in 4 sports at UCLA
The fastest tennis serve was by Serena Williams at 118 MPH
Pittsburgh is the only city where all of its teams have the same color scheme
ALL NHL jerseys are manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A baseball has 108 stitches
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MLB umpires need to wear black underwear when on the job
A baseball umpire can be replaced mid-game for being unfair
Babe Ruth was the first to receive the 'Rookie of the Year' Award
Vinegar is a key ingredient for the inside of the golf ball
In the 1800's, boxing matches had up to 20 rounds
Umpires have stood behind homeplate since the beginning of baseball
Baseball created the phrase 'Home Run'
The five olympic rings represented the five main events when the olympics first originated
Boxing was illegal at one time
The silhouette of the MLB logo is Honus Wagner
The San Diego Chargers are named after a credit card
The sport of lacrosse was developed by Native Americans
The silhouette of the NBA logo is Jerry West

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