What Did the USA Do?

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Does each statement below apply to the United States or the other country listed? Type U for US, T for Them.

Featured Jan 7, 2014

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Which country...(U)S or (T)hem?Them
is larger?Djibouti
has the higher population?India
borders a larger number of other countries?Honduras
has a longer coastline?New Zealand
has more skyscrapers?China
has a stadium with the highest capacity?South Africa
has a more northerly point?Norway
has a larger number of followers of Judaism?Israel
produced more motor vehicles in 2012?Germany
has a longer river flowing through it?Brazil
had the higher GDP (nominal) per capita in 2012?Japan
has the higher point above sea-level?Tanzania
has more registered ice hockey players?Canada
is deemed more democratic in the Democracy index 2012?Chile
has a larger number of active military personnel?North Korea
has a state with the largest area?Australia
has a more southerly point?Cuba
has more Spanish speakers living there?Spain
is home to more people born in Guyana?Guyana
had a higher number of tourist visits in 2012?Italy
has a more populous capital city?Guinea-Bissau
was a bigger exporter of cheese in 2010?France
produced a larger number of oranges in 2010?Mexico
has more chemical elements named after places within it?Sweden
has used their 'veto power' in the UN Security Council more times?Russia/Soviet Union
has experienced an earthquake of higher magnitude since 2000?Philippines
contains a city with a higher population?South Korea
banned slavery in its territories earlier?United Kingdom
is a bigger producer of oil?Iran
has more Russian speakers living there?Kyrgyzstan

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