UK or France?

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Do the statements below apply to the United Kingdom or France? Type U for UK, F for France.

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Which country...U/FExtra Info
has won more Olympic medals? (Take UK as Great Britain team)
was one of the founding countries of the European Union?
has a resident holding the Guiness World Record for most spray tans in an hour?
has a city higher on the Mercer Quality of living survey?
has the higher GDP (nominal) per capita?
has the longest pier in the world?
has a higher number of UNESCO world heritage sites?
is the origin of Dijon mustard?
has a mainland with a point that lies the further west?
has the greater number of Nobel laureates?
has a ban on 'wearing face-covering headgear' in public?
has the longer shortest journey time when driving between the most northernly and southernly points of their mainlands?
has a higher number of billionaires based there?
had 18 kings called Louis?
are you in if 'you are never more than 70 miles from coast'?
has the taller building/tower?
has a most widely spoken language (English and French respectively) that is an official language in a greater number of countries?
has the higher number of tourists per year?
has the larger stadium?
suffered a greater total number of casualties in both world wars?
has a ban on MPs wearing armour in parliament?
is the origin of Caerphilly cheese?
has the larger active military?
did the country of Mauritania get its independence from in 1960?
do the band Depeche Mode hail from?
has a capital city that lies further East?
has the higher teenage pregnancy rate?
has dependencies that include all of the Channel Islands, that lie in the English Channel between Great Britain and France?
has won the UEFA European Championships more times? (Count the UK as the total of its constituent nations)
has a longer river flowing through its capital city?
has won the Eurovision Song contest more recently?
has won the Rugby World Cup more times? (Count the UK as the total of its constituent nations)
has a law banning naming a pig Napoleon?
has a town that some historians regard to technically be at war with Russia?
is the larger producer of oil?
is home to the coastal city of Brest?
has a major airport named after a World War II leader?
has a glass pyramid as the entrance to one of its most popular museums?
is the origin of the baguette?
was the setting of Disney's 1991 film Beauty and the Beast?

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